The Trautonium History: The Trautonium 2000

The Beginning
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The Halbleitertrautonium | The Senatstrautonium | The Trautonium 2000
The Future

Trautonium 2000 MK 1

Trautonium 2000 MK 1

This Trautonium I developed completely from scratch beginning in the year 2000 - that's why it's called Trautonium 2000
I did build it for a friend who is a musician and composer.
The instrument is playable since the end of 2001.

It has been developed further to the Trautonium 2000 MK2. And has been proved in many live and studio events.

Also there has been added a simple Trautonium module without Subharmonics for playing the bass voice.

Trautonium 2000 MK 2

Wolfgang Müller and his Trautonium 2000 MK 2

Technically its like a Mixturtrautonium with just one manual.
The Electronics takes only half the place as in the Senatstrautonium.
However it has more reserve for expansion and supplement.


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